Sunday 13 September 2015

Rustic Lace Square - A Written Pattern

So the Rustic Lace Square has been doing the rounds lately. And even though I've come to it quite late, the thrall of it hasn't waned. I still love it and keep returning to it often.
From a little research, I think the idea took off when it was introduced this on this collaborative blog. And then it just spiraled into a frenzy of crochet madness from there.

Of course, the demand for patterns and know-how followed, but all the seemed to be available was a symbol chart for this lovely piece of work which originally came from an Argentinian magazine/book called Para Ti.

On Instagram, I'm often asked for the written pattern when I post up a new pic of this square, so I wrote one out. There maybe other written patterns out there (I just haven't searched enough). Also, the pattern has been tested somewhat, but not thoroughly, so there may be mistakes. Please let me know if you find any, and I can adjust the pattern and reload a correct copy.
You can find a printable version of this pattern here:
Love Crochet

Here is a great tutorial from Marrose on how to join these lovelies for a throw/blanket or display item.


Zelda de Kock said...

Thank you so much for this written version of the lovely pattern, I feel so much more confident with your clear instructions.I appreciate the time and effort you made! Greetings from South Africa

Unknown said...

This is wonderful!
So many people will benefit from what you've done here!
This square is magical.
C x

Unknown said...

The original pattern is from the Para Ti book, a well known argentinian magazine. This is the cover
I bought it long time ago in Buenos Aires.