Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Granny Heart for Valentine's Day

Here is a quick and easy heart to work up for Valentine's Day. I can't claim this pattern as my own, as I have seen numerous versions of this all over the internet. But here is my offering of this little beauty.

You can download this pattern on Ravelry  

          4mm crochet hook
          5g of Double Knit cotton yarn
          darning needle

Abbreviations (US Terminology):
          sl st     slip stitch
          ch        chain
          sc        single crochet
          dc        double crochet
          tr        triple crochet
          sk        skip
          st(s)     stitch(es)
          sp(s)     space(es)
          beg       beginning
          rep       repeat

4 ch, join with a slip stitch in first ch to form circle or complete using the Magic Circle.

Round 1:  3 ch (counts as first dc),
          2 dc in circle,
          *2 ch,
          3 dc in circle,
          rep from * twice more,
          1 dc in top of beg 3-ch to join.

Round 2:  3 ch (counts as first dc),
          2 dc in same sp,
          2 ch,
          3 dc in same sp,
          *1 ch,
          3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc in next sp,
          rep from * twice more,
          1 ch,
          1 sc in top of beg 3-ch to join.

Round 3:  1 sc in same st as join,
          1 sc in next 2 sts,
          [1 sc, 2-ch picot, 1 sc] in next 2-ch sp,
          1 sc in next 3 sts,
          1 sc in 1-ch sp,
          1 sc in next 3 sts,
          1 sc in 2-ch sp,
          sk next 3 sts,
          12 tr in next 1-ch sp,
          sk next 3 sts,
          sl st in next 2-ch sp,
          sk next 3 sts,
          12 tr in next 1-ch sp,
          sk next 3 sts,
          1 sc in 2-ch sp,
          1 sc in next 3 sts,
          1 sc in 1-ch sp,
          sl st in first sc to join.

Finish:   Fasten off and weave in ends of yarn. Block work.


Jenn M said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing - I might get a few done by Saturday:)


Michelle said...

I loved this as soon as I saw it on Instagram. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern! I hope to hook some up for a little garland. Xoxo

Anonymous said...

sorry if this is a silly question but this is the first pattern ive ever tried to read. a proper beginner :) i understand most of it, but what does it mean when youve put an asterisk next to it?

Crochet Tea Party said...

If you read a little further along in the pattern, there will be a line that refers to this asterisk. Normally the instruction is to tell you that some steps you have already completed need to be repeated. For example: repeat from * 3 more times. This means that everything from the asterisk to that repeat instruction must be completed again three times.
It's a way of clustering instructions together for repetition, instead of writing them all out again.

Other patterns might use parenthesis / brackets to cluster shorter instructions, with the repeat instruction shortly after the brackets.
Some patterns might use single and double asterisks for the same purpose, or like I have in this pattern to denote two different sets of repeat instructions.

I hope that helps.

Véro said...

Super modèle et bon schéma ! Ce coeur est addictif : j'en ai crocheté beaucoup, beaucoup pour faire des cadeaux. Merci

Anonymous said...

Is this pattern using UK terms or US terms? Is a double crochet in your pattern what Americans call a single crochet? Thank you and thank you for the pattern, it's so cute

Alexandra EyeLoveKnots said...

What a sweet little heart :) I have pinned it, and scheduled to share. I found you via a Valentine's Round Up on Anabelia Handmade. We would love to have you share this at our Yarn Fanatic Party :)

Unknown said...

Beautifull! I will try to do it. Sorry but where should y start repeating the pattern in the third round? Y couldnt find the *. I am not an expert as you might see.Sorry english is not my mother tong. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I've amended the pattern and it should be correct now. Thank you for pointing out the error. Good luck with your crochet adventures.

Anonymous said...

Hi, in round two, cluster four where does the next set of clusters go? Do they go into the top of the bottom cluster? If I only chain two they won't reach to the next space. I'm not always great with patterns so maybe it's just me. Thanks.

Crochet Tea Party said...

Rounds 1 and 2 are the typical rounds for a Granny Square. With Granny Squares you're always working into the spaces, not the stitches. The two chains are only to put between the double crochet clusters in the corners. You're only putting 1 chain stitch between that cluster and stretching across to the next cluster (which goes in the next corner). It will reach across. Trust the process.
Have a look at the symbol chart to give you an idea of how the clustering works.