Monday 20 January 2014

Blanket Sizes

I have a Ripple Blanket (Afghan) that has been going on for more than five years. It's so large now that it's no longer portable. I can't just pop it into my bag and pull it out if I have a couple of minutes spare during the day. It's a heavy blanket too, so it's not the kind of item that I want draped over me in the summer. So I'm confined to the winter months of crocheting this blanket. But there are so many other items which are just so lovely, that I haven't got round to working on this blanket for the last 18 months. BUT it will get finished one day (one winter day)!

Nevertheless, when I started crocheting the blanket, I didn't really think of size for a bed. I just thought large, very large. And as the work has progressed, I've downsized my expectations to medium large, and then maybe just to medium sized. I just want to get this blanket finished now!

Anyway, I now have a blanket that is almost finished. But the size is really awkward for a single bed (too large), and even more awkward for a double bed (almost fits, but not quite). Fortunately with crochet work, the finished item doesn't have to finish at the last stitch of the last ripple row. There is always the option of adding a border which will increase the size to something a little more becoming.

However, if I had consulted a sizing chart in the beginning I would have been clear from the start where I was heading. Scarlet Dash have a great table of sizes of things that go on beds, and is a really useful resource. Moreover, it's not only in imperial measurements (inches) but also in metric (centimetres).


Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

That sizing chart is a very useful resource - thank you! hope your ripple blanket sees the finishing line soon - the pics look lovely. E x

highanover said...

Thank you, lovely Elizabeth!